Synthetic Privacy Fence Simtek Eco Stone

Unlike a typical commercial or residential fence, SimTek is graffiti resistant. Most paint applied to the walls can be easily removed with a citrus-based cleaner and high power pressure washer. Overall, this fence is virtually maintenance-free. It requires no sanding or painting like other residential fencing often does.

When compared against vinyl fencing, SimTek walls are far superior and have a much higher level of impact resistance. Our fencing was tested side by side with a typical vinyl fence against a major league pitcher throwing fastballs over 90 mph. The vinyl one broke on the first pitch, but our residential fence withstood all throws. In addition, this hardy commercial fencing is constructed to remain stable in all weather extremes, and it is built to stand up against 110 mph winds.

Simtek Fence can withstand almost anything

If you’re looking for something that’s strong and resistant to just about everything, Simtek is the choice for you. It is

  • Unaffected by water, most common chemicals, salt spray and algae.
  • Resistant to impact. Baseballs, golf balls, rocks and other such items bounce off.
  • Performs well in hot and cold climates, bright sunlight and heavy moisture
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40° to 140° F.
  • Resistant to contant winds of 110 MPH and 130 MPH gusts.
  • UV stabilizers made it a fade resistant product
  • Graffiti resistant: Simply use a pressure washer and citric acid to wash it away
  • Blocks 98% of direct sound.

Simtek Fencing is available in two materials: EcoStone and Proline. Both materials come with the same unique rock wall look, the same color pallets, and the same quality you can trust. The only difference are they come in different colors and that the EcoStone comes with a 25 year warranty and the ProLine comes with a lifetime warranty.