Canyon Winds Fence is an exclusive cedar privacy fencing from CFC. By overlapping the wooden pickets as the cedar shrinks over time the pickets still overlap, making it a true privacy fence. Also, the top and bottom rail provide extra attractiveness and style to your fence. Canyon winds also comes with a beveled top that provides a unique look that adds even more style to your fence. We’ve installed thousands of feet of Canyon Winds fencing, it is easily our most popular cedar fence we offer.

Canyon Winds Cedar Fence Utah Materials and Installation

Canyon winds is available with or without a midrail. We however, recommend the midrail to provide extra strength and support that will reduce the warping that is natural with wood fences. Without the midrail your fence will be more susceptible to damage from blunt force or warping from weather. However, sometimes neighbors do not want to have the midrail because they consider it the “bad side” of the fence. We find, though, that the midrail actually provides an extra level of depth to your fence. Below are examples of Canyon Winds fencing with and without the midrail attached. Ask our qualified estimators about your options with each of our fence lines through our contact form.

Cedar Fencing Utah Material and Installation

Cedar Fencing Materials and Installation

Materials needed per 8′ section of fence

  • All cedar lumber
  • (1) Post: 6”x6”x8’, 9’, 10’ (with beveled top); post is revealed on both side
  • (2) Top & Bottom Rails: 2”x6”x8’
  • (2) Top & Bottom Fascia Rails: 1”x6”x8’ (on opposite sides of 2”x6”)
  • (1) Top Cap Rail: 2”x6”x8’
  • (21) Slats: 1”x6”x6’ (overlapping)

This fence is approved for the following HOAs:

  • Cobblestone HOA
  • Daybreak HOA
  • Suncrest (Draper) HOA
  • Traverse Mountain HOA

Architectural information

Also, make sure to read about the care and cleaning guides for cedar fencing. It will provide you with valuable insight into exactly what it will take to keep your fence looking beautiful for many years.