Custom Cedar Lattice Fence in Bountiful, UT

We had the opportunity to build this fence in the late summer of 2015.  This fence was a little out of our realm of expertise, but definitely something that our crew felt up to the standard in building.  The customer was very specific in the types of fencing that she wanted and knew exactly the outcome that she was expecting.  She set the expectations very high and we’re glad to say that she was overly pleased with the final product.

The first fence was a 1×2 lattice fence with 4×4 posts that were topped with a custom cap.


The second fence was a wire hog panel fence with beveled 6×6 posts.


Trex and Iron Fencing in Orem, UT

The Corey project in Orem was installed at the mouth of Provo Canyon. They opted for the Trex product not only for its elegance – but for its ability to handle the canyon winds – the Trex product has a wind rating of 130 mph. The 4’ tall Fortress iron that was mounted on a concrete retaining wall was installed for safety reasons – the Corey’s didn’t want their children to go over the 8’ drop. The reason the opted for the iron on the concrete wall was for the ease and cost savings that it takes to mount the iron fence style to a concrete wall.

Horizontal Cedar Fence Murray, UT

The Canham horizontal cedar fence project in Murray was installed with a specific style in mind. They wanted a 1x6 – 1x4 horizontal gapped slat semi private fence style. They had a photo of their preferred fence style – there are a lot of options and we are very pliable with lumber. So if a home owner has a style they are particular about, it is important to have a photo on hand at the bid process so that you can get an accurate estimate on your preferred Horizontal fence style.

Iron Fencing with Cedar Posts in Bountiful, UT

The Christensen project in Bountiful was done on the foothills off of Bountiful Boulevard. The project included privacy cedar fence, 4’ tall iron with 2” metal posts and 6’ tall iron with 6x6 cedar posts. Also there was a dog kennel included that was done with the 6’ tall iron panels and 6x6 wood posts. The property butts forest service property and the rocky conditions and steep grade were not ideal – but conditions that are not uncommon for fence installations. On projects with this steep of a grade all the materials need packed in and the holes are dug by hand and not augured with equipment.

Iron Fence Holladay, UT

The Hansen project in Holladay is an expansive estate in a wooded setting.

The customer wanted to have a fencing system that allowed a view of the landscaping and wooded environment around their property.

Ornamental steel or aluminum fencing was ideal for this application. Because the panels are bracketed to the posts and not custom welded, the installation is much faster and much less expensive while allowing the same look and security offered by a “wrought iron” fence. Additionally, the fence system used has a rack-ability that allows the fence to accommodate for grade changes in the terrain. This minimizes gaps under the fence.

This style of fencing comes in aluminum or steel. The difference is that the aluminum fence will not rust, but is not quite as strong as the steel. The steel fence shown in the pictures is zinc oxide powder coated and comes with a 20 year warranty against and chipping, peeling or fading.

Cedar Horizontal Fence Project, Holladay UT

This horizontal fence project was done in the Holladay (Salt Lake City) area. Their horizontal fence style is a standard style that CFC fence and Decks installs. The components consist of 4x4 posts (6’ or less on center) 1x6 horizontal slats and a 1x4 (vertical) slat at every post to hide the seams from the horizontal slats. This basic horizontal fence is a trendy style and is a cost efficient style. When looking at a cedar horizontal fence style for your project it is important to know what you want (we are very pliable with lumber products) if it is something that is more custom the estimator will need to see a photo in order to bid it properly. Please give us a call for a free estimate.





IFA Fence Installation

RH Johnson – IFA 2100 S SLC

The IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) on 2100 South in Salt Lake City, Utah needed a solution to keep their fertilizer products safe from larceny. IFA’s general contractor RH Johnson Construction choose CFC Fences & Decks to help with this situation by confining IFA’s fertilizing products with a strong and durable commercial iron fence. Fence chosen for installation to set up a perimeter around the fertilizer was the Fortress Iron Classic Pressed Spear.

Total footage on this project was 224’ that included 27 sections with 2 walk gates and 1 12’ double gate. The Fortress Iron fence installed is a three rail 8’ tall fence with pressed pickets for a spear top look. Post Ball Caps a product upgrade were installed on the posts tops that provided a more luxurious design. The interesting thing on this project was that our dandy digger tractor had to drill for post holes through 4” of asphalt for our installers to set posts.

IFA has been providing services for their customers since 1923 by selling reasonably priced agricultural products, farming supplies, and bulk feed. IFA stores are located throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. CFC Fences & Decks is glad to help IFA to secure their fertilizing products by building a commercial iron fence that will stand for protection for years to come.

Provo Wetlands – Split Rail Fencing

Provo City

The city of Provo had a wetland preservation project that included installing a fence around the perimeter. To fit in with the rustic look of the area, the fence installed was a split rail fence. This fence is measured in 10 foot sections, and measured from the center of each post. Instead of setting posts first and building the fence later, this type of fence is build-as-you-go. First, set a post, insert the rails, then set the next post.

The fence length on this project totaled 1200 linear feet. There was access for our handy Dandy Digger tractor, so that helped ease the digging labor. The crews were able to complete the project in about two and half working days. That’s about 500 feet per day!

As a side note, this project was completed in the winter, so the crew had to deal with moving snow and digging in frozen ground. But winter doesn’t deter CFC Fences & Decks. We build fences year round!

Provo City Wetlands Split Rail Fence Government 3-rail (21)

Provo City Wetlands Split Rail Fence Government 3-rail (28)

Trex and Iron Project, Draper Utah

Here at CFC we specialize in unique projects. We recently completed a project in Draper with the combination of Woodland Brown Trex (a composite fencing) and Fortress Iron fencing. To make the combination flow smoothly, the customer decided to do Trex composite posts through the entire project. This helps to give the Fortress iron panels of fence a little more visual weight to match the Trex fencing.

There are three basic types of Fortress Iron fencing including the extended picket, the pressed spear top, and the flat top. This project used the flat top to match the look of the Trex fence. By using the Fortress Iron fencing for the front portions of the fence project, the yard feels more open and inviting, while still giving the safety and security a tall fence should give.

The walk gates this project had were both Fortress Iron gates. They are very inconspicuous gates, and blend nicely with the rest of the fence. Combining Trex and Iron is a great way to add a unique look to your property and enhance the look of what could have been an ordinary fence.

Draper Utah Trex fence Iron Panels Trex Fencing with Iron Panels Draper Utah

Canyon Winds Fence Sandy Utah

Our Canyon Winds cedar fence is our most popular cedar fence. We have installed hundreds of these fences in Utah. We do not, however, often install Canyon Winds fence next to Fortress Iron fencing. A homeowner in Sandy Utah, wanted it done. Our installation crew tackled a few unique challenges with this fence and it came out marvolously.

First, the fence is built up against a concrete planter, making it difficult to set footers and and attach pickets. Second a different process was used when connection the iron panels to cedar posts. CFC can do custom touches like this to every project, just ask your local estimator for more information.

Cedar Fence Installation UtahCedar Fence Installation Utah

Cedar Fence Installation UtahCedar Fence Installation Utah

Cedar Fence Installation UtahCedar Fence Installation Utah