Custom Cedar Lattice Fence in Bountiful, UT

We had the opportunity to build this fence in the late summer of 2015.  This fence was a little out of our realm of expertise, but definitely something that our crew felt up to the standard in building.  The customer was very specific in the types of fencing that she wanted and knew exactly the outcome that she was expecting.  She set the expectations very high and we’re glad to say that she was overly pleased with the final product.

The first fence was a 1×2 lattice fence with 4×4 posts that were topped with a custom cap.


The second fence was a wire hog panel fence with beveled 6×6 posts.


Damaged Fences

In light of the recent storms that have been passing through Utah we thought that it might be interesting to show some pictures of some damaged fences.




When selecting a fence be sure to do your homework on which type of fence will be able to with stand the weather in your area.

Trex and Iron Fencing in Orem, UT

The Corey project in Orem was installed at the mouth of Provo Canyon. They opted for the Trex product not only for its elegance – but for its ability to handle the canyon winds – the Trex product has a wind rating of 130 mph. The 4’ tall Fortress iron that was mounted on a concrete retaining wall was installed for safety reasons – the Corey’s didn’t want their children to go over the 8’ drop. The reason the opted for the iron on the concrete wall was for the ease and cost savings that it takes to mount the iron fence style to a concrete wall.

Recycling Old Wooden Fences

Recycled wood can be used in a variety of crafts and projects, and some people even pay for the wood from an old fence to be able to make those crafts and projects. If you are replacing your old wooden fence or just looking to get rid of it, you may consider some of the suggestions below before having it hauled off or taking it to the dump.

· Search local classifieds for wood scavengers who might be willing to haul it away or even pay for it.

· Make a mail box

· Make a picture frame

· Make a rustic looking bench

· Make a bird house, bird feeder, or squirrel feeder

· Use the wood for garden stakes

· Make planter boxes

· Use for a plank wall

· Make holiday decorations

· Make a dog house

The following are pictures of some projects that I have made with some old fence panels that we have taken down on job sites.

Horizontal Cedar Fence Murray, UT

The Canham horizontal cedar fence project in Murray was installed with a specific style in mind. They wanted a 1x6 – 1x4 horizontal gapped slat semi private fence style. They had a photo of their preferred fence style – there are a lot of options and we are very pliable with lumber. So if a home owner has a style they are particular about, it is important to have a photo on hand at the bid process so that you can get an accurate estimate on your preferred Horizontal fence style.

Estates Fence Gothic Post Caps

The Ranches HOA in Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005 requires a very specific style of fence to be placed throughout the community. There are a few variations of the Estates fence that can be built, but one definite characteristic that resonates with the different styles or variations is the gothic post cap.

The gothic post cap that is required in the Ranches HOA in Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005 is beveled on all four sides at a 33° angle and is routed around the post below that bevel. The following diagram gives accurate direction of how this should be done.

If you are looking into building your fence yourself and need the resources and materials or would like to hire a pro to do the building for you; contact CFC Fences and Decks.


Where to Put Your Fence

When deciding where to put your fence.

There is more to it then stringing a line. After stringing the line you will need to decide what side of the property line it will go. It is important to talk to any neighbors involved to make sure that you are in agreement about where the fence should be placed in relation to your property line.  Next call blue stakes to make sure all utility lines have been identified.  Finally it is a good idea to have your installer and all parties involved to do a walk though on the project. Make sure when you start to dig that all sprinkler lines are clear.  Breaking a line can be an easy fix however you still don’t want to do something that could be avoided. After the walk thought then you can start to lay your line out spray paint were each post will go.  It is a good idea to double check your measurements.  Most fences install on eight foot centers from the center of the first post to the next.

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Iron Fencing with Cedar Posts in Bountiful, UT

The Christensen project in Bountiful was done on the foothills off of Bountiful Boulevard. The project included privacy cedar fence, 4’ tall iron with 2” metal posts and 6’ tall iron with 6x6 cedar posts. Also there was a dog kennel included that was done with the 6’ tall iron panels and 6x6 wood posts. The property butts forest service property and the rocky conditions and steep grade were not ideal – but conditions that are not uncommon for fence installations. On projects with this steep of a grade all the materials need packed in and the holes are dug by hand and not augured with equipment.