Draper UTA Trax Lightrail Project Sound Wall

CFC recently partnered with the city of Draper, UTA TRAX, the Utah Department of Transportation, K/H/P Construction, a Joint Venture (KHP) on the Utah Transit Authority Lightrail Project. The project is to create a sound barrier fence that will run all along the new TRAX line that will be built going through Draper and Sandy.

The fence will be a staggered Saddle Trex fence that will stand 6′ to 13′ tall when stacked. It will run 16,800 feel long with a total of 26,000 feet when stacked. The sound barrier fence will run along side the new TRAX line. This project was unique, because it is the tallest Trex fence to ever be installed. Trex blocks 98% of direct sound, making it a perfect sound wall for any project.