We offer a variety of fence products from wood to Trex and even wrought iron. Here is a quick reference to for quick comparisons, click on the product for more information about the specific fence type.

In many ways this is like comparing apples to oranges, so we encourage that you look into more detail on each product.

Fence Products

Trex Cedar IronGuard Simtek
Trex Fences Wood Fencing Wrought Iron Fence Simtek Fence
Low Maintenance Yes No Yes Yes
Wind Load 110 MPH Sustained
130 MPH Gusts
Not Tested High 110 MPH Sustained
130 MPH Gusts
Customizable Yes Yes Yes No
Requires “Stepping” No No No Yes
Residential Warranty 25 years None 20 Years Proline-Lifetime
Ecostone-25 Year
Commercial Warranty 10 years None 20 Years 30 Years
Available Colors 3 Stainable 1 6
Price Range $$$ $ $$ $$