Dog eared fences are the staple of the fencing industry. They’re easy to install, economical, and with proper maintenance they can last for years. The dog ear style of wood fencing can be constructed with little to no spaces between the pickets as shown below or with a space of your choice. There will, however, be spaces in your fence due to the nature of wood fencing. If you want true privacy fencing, please look into Canyon Winds, Estates, or Trex Composite Fencing.

Cedar Fence

Dog Ear Fence Description

Most economical of all our solid (no space between pickets) cedar fences. This is fully adjustable, it can slope and step. Custom heights are available, up to 8 feet tall. Cedar fencing can be stained, painted, or treated in any way, however, to keep your fence looking great for many years proper maintenance is needed.

This style of wood fencing has a neighbor side (the good side with pickets) and your side (the post and rail side) as opposed to some styles that can be the same on both sides. If you’re looking for a fence that can be the same on both sides, we recommend a Canyon Winds or Estates or Trex Composite fencing for a low maintenance fence solution.

We have installed miles of dor eared fencing in our 20+ years of fence installations. We are the best company in the area.

Cedar Fence Utah

Cedar Fencing Banner

We do not provide staining services for your cedar fencing, however, there are companies that will stain your fence for a reasonable price. Ask us for our recommendations.

Wood is not a man-made product and will warp, crack, and fade. Proper maintenance is required to keep  your fence beautiful.

Materials needed per 8′ section of fence

  • (1) Post: 4”x4”x8’; post is revealed on one side
  • (3) Top, Mid, & Bottom Rails: 2”x4”x8’
  • (19) Slats: 1”x6”x6’ (butted)

See our installation instructions for more information on installing your dog eared fencing.