IFA Fence Installation

RH Johnson – IFA 2100 S SLC

The IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) on 2100 South in Salt Lake City, Utah needed a solution to keep their fertilizer products safe from larceny. IFA’s general contractor RH Johnson Construction choose CFC Fences & Decks to help with this situation by confining IFA’s fertilizing products with a strong and durable commercial iron fence. Fence chosen for installation to set up a perimeter around the fertilizer was the Fortress Iron Classic Pressed Spear.

Total footage on this project was 224’ that included 27 sections with 2 walk gates and 1 12’ double gate. The Fortress Iron fence installed is a three rail 8’ tall fence with pressed pickets for a spear top look. Post Ball Caps a product upgrade were installed on the posts tops that provided a more luxurious design. The interesting thing on this project was that our dandy digger tractor had to drill for post holes through 4” of asphalt for our installers to set posts.

IFA has been providing services for their customers since 1923 by selling reasonably priced agricultural products, farming supplies, and bulk feed. IFA stores are located throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. CFC Fences & Decks is glad to help IFA to secure their fertilizing products by building a commercial iron fence that will stand for protection for years to come.

Spanish Fork City – Iron Fencing

Spanish Fork City, Utah installs Fortress TITAN fencing for new fairgrounds

Client: City of Spanish Fork, Utah

Product: TITAN Fortress Architectural Fence by Fortress™

Project Details: The City of Spanish Fork opened a new fairgrounds facility in time for their Rodeo Days event in Summer 2012. The new structure represents a multi-year initiative to develop a new venue for the popular event as well as year round use of the grounds for other events.

The City selected the Fortress TITAN product to encompass the entryway to the building and represented approximately 400’ of fencing and 15 single entryway gates, a large cantilever and a large double swing gate. The height of the fence is six feet and the selected style is Flat Top (the top rail is flush with the tops of the pickets).

As an added bonus, The Fortress Company selected photographs from the project to include in their annual showcase calendar!


Fortress Versai – Iron Fencing

Look: Versai Residential Fence offers the solution to a need for a premium quality but cost effective system capable of handling aggressive grade changes frequently seen around homes. With the ability to resist effects of weathering, Versai Ornamental Fence is coated with FortressShield which is a specialized mixture that encompasses a premium powder coating loaded with UV inhibitors and a heavy zinc galvanization treatment. There are also 6 different styles of Fortress Versai available


Dimensions: Fortress Versai fences are typically built in sections using 8’ long panels that have 1” rails & 5/8” pickets as well as 2”x2”x6’or 2”x2”x8’posts.

Average Cost: Mid to High

Warranty: Fortress Ornamental carries a 20 yr. manufacturer warranty. For more information, please visit: http://www.fortressfence.com/fence/warranty/
Maintenance: As with any outdoor product, Fortress Ornamental fencing will become dusty over time and may need periodic cleaning.  Depending on the conditions at your property, the fence may benefit from a simple rinse with a garden hose or basic cleaning with soapy water and a soft brush or rag.   Damage to the fence coating such as deep scratches or chips will require the affected area to be touched up with a zinc rich primer and a finish coat.

Dog Fencing – Invisible Fence Considerations

There are many appealing “Open Fence” or clear view pet fencing options available on the market.  These products are especially appealing when a homeowner has a nice view or wants to maintain an open feel to their property.

Wireless or In ground wire electronic fencing:

While these products certainly have their place please consider your options carefully before investing in these types of systems.  These products typically allow your dog to freely roam within an area you define electronically.  However, when they stray from the defined area they receive an electronic shock through a collar.  While the intensity of the shock your dog receives can typically be adjusted, even on the highest setting some dogs simply run hard and fast past the defined perimeter to minimize the shock they receive on their way to trouble.  Also, keep in mind that any visiting animals wild or domestic will be able to freely roam within your dog’s space.

While the more expensive wireless systems are easy to set up, the In-Ground electronic wire fences require a significant amount of labor to properly bury the wire.  This presents another interesting situation with curious dog breeds that like to dig. Also keep in mind you are relying on battery power and typically uninterrupted electrical power to maintain the invisible fence.

Ultimately, to minimize your liability and maximize the safety and security of your pet we recommend an actual physical barrier fence
.  If maintaining an open feel is a priority we suggest Fortress Versai Ornamental with an optional puppy panel if containing smaller dogs.   See: Selecting Dog Fencing Styles

Sandy School District

CFC installs industrial grade architectural steel security fencing for Jordan School District

Client: The Jordan School District in Utah serves over 52,000 students in southwest Salt Lake County.

Product: TITAN Fortress Architectural Fence by Fortress™

Project Details: The Jordan School District contracted with CFC for the installation of 4’ tall TITAN fencing. TITAN is the industrial grade line of fencing from Fortress™ at two of its schools: Hayden Peak Elementary and Eastlake Elementary.

The purpose of the fencing is to provide safety for the students by funneling the foot traffic to cross walks. Because there was no fencing previously across the drop off/pick up lane area, students were at risk because there was nothing to restrict from crossing anywhere along the lane. At Hayden Peak, approximately 360’ of fencing now provides protection around a green space between the traffic lane and the parking lot. There are only two locations where students and their parents or guardians can now access the parking lot. Both spaces have striping to further delineate pedestrian traffic. At Eastlake, we installed about 240’ of fencing with one opening directly across from the main doors outside the kindergarten area  of the school building. Again, this area has striping to define the walking zone.

The school district selected the Fortress product specifically because it is a heavy duty fence that provides the elegance of ornamental iron but with the advantage of multi-layered coatings to protect the fence from rusting. It also carries a 20-year warranty. CFC was selected as the installation contractor after reviewing bids from several companies. We are proud to have installed a project for the school district, especially as it relates to the safety of the students. If you are within the school district, take a look at the fencing when you get a chance. The product is also available in commercial and residential grades and is quite a bit more affordable than custom iron fencing. It also has the advantage of “racking” which means it can be adjusted to follow the grade of your property. In other words, no more “stair stepping” which creates gaps under portions of the fence.

More about the Jordan School District

Trex and Iron Project, Draper Utah

Here at CFC we specialize in unique projects. We recently completed a project in Draper with the combination of Woodland Brown Trex (a composite fencing) and Fortress Iron fencing. To make the combination flow smoothly, the customer decided to do Trex composite posts through the entire project. This helps to give the Fortress iron panels of fence a little more visual weight to match the Trex fencing.

There are three basic types of Fortress Iron fencing including the extended picket, the pressed spear top, and the flat top. This project used the flat top to match the look of the Trex fence. By using the Fortress Iron fencing for the front portions of the fence project, the yard feels more open and inviting, while still giving the safety and security a tall fence should give.

The walk gates this project had were both Fortress Iron gates. They are very inconspicuous gates, and blend nicely with the rest of the fence. Combining Trex and Iron is a great way to add a unique look to your property and enhance the look of what could have been an ordinary fence.

Draper Utah Trex fence Iron Panels Trex Fencing with Iron Panels Draper Utah

Clearing Fence Lines

Clearing the fence lines—

Before our crews can come out to begin stringing the string lines as to where the fence will be built, those lines need to be cleared of all encumbrances to provide access for the crews to begin their work.

Such things begin with removal and disposal of an existing fence and concrete footers, if there is one.

Unless other arrangements are made and contracted, it is the responsibility of the owner/customer to ensure the fence lines are cleared at least 18”-24” on both sides of the area where the fence is going to be built.

Many times there are wood piles or storage sheds, trees or old tree stumps, tree branches and shrubs, rocks or other decorative landscaping features that may be in the way of where the fence line has been determined.

This can often be determined simply by walking the line and “eye-balling” the areas to see what if anything noticeable can be moved or taken out of the way so the fence crews can do their work. Just look for anything that will obstruct the bottom rails of the fence from running straight along grade and realize that a crew man will need to actually place himself on both sides of any kind of fence to properly build and secure it its panels and upper rails and top caps.  He will need enough room for himself, tool belt and tools, his nail guns, saws, air hoses, compressor, extension chords etc.  While our crew men are all experienced, English speaking professionals who have extensive experience with all of our Iron, Cedar, TREX® composite fencing, they are not necessarily ballerinas nor contortionists.

It is always a better policy to discuss and work with adjacent neighbors. Some discussion points to be had with neighbors includes discussing our crews having access to the proposed fence line from their side of the property-especially if there is a tool shed or some other immoveable object that won’t allow working from one side or the other to build the fence.  Work out arrangements for pets and kids to be secured during the time that any existing fence will be down before the new fence is completely installed.

At CFC Fences and Decks we are always very careful with permanently installed landscaping features including special ornamental flora and fauna. We always take great care with all of your landscaping and property as possible, but in moving fencing materials in and out of a property will create some slightly worn areas in a lawn or flower bed. It is simply part of the construction process of any outdoor project, be it fencing or decks.

Hopefully this is helpful in making your fencing project go much more smoothly for you and all of your neighbors.

Please call CFC Fences and Decks for a FREE ESTIMATE or materials for your DIY project.

Fence Considerations: Dog Owners

Dog Fencing and Escape Artists

There are many extremely agile and athletic and dog breeds that one might attempt to contain like the American Pit Bull Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Boxer, Britney Spaniels, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, German Shorthaired Pointer, Jack Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, and Vizsla. While some dogs are more prone to bolt others are more capable jumpers and climbers. Then you have dogs that love to dig like Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers, Fox Terriers, Siberian Huskies, and Dachshunds. Followed by certain hounds, that when on a sent will stop at nothing to get to the end of the trail.

Fence climbing Dogs

If you have a climber chain link fencing is an exciting yet dangerous challenge for your super dog. The open diamonds serve as toe holds and the top rail a ladder rung. Unfortunately the protruding wires above are what cause the most injury.

Another consideration with climbing dogs is the rail placement. With 2x wood rails placed on the dog side the result is a nice climbing ladder for the dog, this is especially true with a 3 rail fence. The simple solution is obvious to place the smooth side of the fence toward the yard with dogs, simple as long as the neighbors don’t own a climbing dog breed. We also suggest you consider a Canyon Winds Cedar fence or Trex Seclusions ® composite fence both do not have a mid-rail and they use an overlapping board design for strength.

Under the Fence Dogs:

With chain link fencing your dog may find a spot to push under, yet this can be a problem with any fence depending on the placement of the fence in relation to the existing grade and landscape. While fencing can be reinforced, and or boards placed to fill in gaps, we suggest bringing the grade to the bottom of the fence. With dogs that like to dig consider buried chicken wire, rocks, or concrete edging.

Fences and Dog Training

While it is important to address the security and safety of your dog and neighborhood in your fencing choice don’t discount the importance of proper obedience training which should reduce the likelihood of an AWOL pet. However, a dog left in a yard all day with nothing to do is the most likely escape artist regardless of the breed.

Ultimately, when you consider the propensities of your dog by breed and personality, you can make a better choice in fencing material, style, and construction.

Trex Fencing with Iron Panel Draper

Trex posts with iron panels looks fantastic. It beefs up the posts so there is more substance to them while keeping the elegance of iron. Many home owners choose to use it for the front of their home while maintaining the beauty and privacy that Trex fencing has to offer. This home in Draper Utah did just that.

What is your favorite part about Iron Panels with Trex Seclusions posts?

Draper Fence installationDraper Utah Fence Trex Iron

Trex Draper Iron UtahTrex Fencing Draper Utah

Trex Fencing with Iron Panels Draper UtahDraper Utah Trex fence Iron Panels

Canyon Winds Fence Sandy Utah

Our Canyon Winds cedar fence is our most popular cedar fence. We have installed hundreds of these fences in Utah. We do not, however, often install Canyon Winds fence next to Fortress Iron fencing. A homeowner in Sandy Utah, wanted it done. Our installation crew tackled a few unique challenges with this fence and it came out marvolously.

First, the fence is built up against a concrete planter, making it difficult to set footers and and attach pickets. Second a different process was used when connection the iron panels to cedar posts. CFC can do custom touches like this to every project, just ask your local estimator for more information.

Cedar Fence Installation UtahCedar Fence Installation Utah

Cedar Fence Installation UtahCedar Fence Installation Utah

Cedar Fence Installation UtahCedar Fence Installation Utah