Landform Design

Trex fencing has an innovative design that is popular with landscape architects.

Some of our recurring clients are landscape architects who are looking for innovative products that compliment property themes and designs.  Trex fencing is a natural solution for many of these projects because of its distinct design and low maintenance attributes. Not surprisingly, therefore, landscape architects select Trex fencing as a component of a design package. The added benefits of strength and durability make Trex an easy product to get behind when providing a proposal to a prospective client.

We’re done quite a bit of work for a Salt Lake City based landscape architect firm named Landform Design Group. Their designs often call for Trex fencing and we have done several jobs for them over the years. The principals at the firm have modern sensibilities and prefer to highlight the Winchester Grey color because it weathers to a distinct slate grey hue. We have had the fortune of seeing most of the properties after all of the project elements including fencing have been completed and the results are incredible considering how plain a property often looks before a redesign. Take a look at some of the projects in the company’s portfolio. Our Trex fence installations can be seen on the Froerer, Day, and Raybould projects.

Trusted TrexPro Platinum and Gold Contractors

Choosing a deck contractor can be a frustrating experience. Trex in an effort to alleviate the hassle of finding the right contractor has created certifications to help distinguish the best from the rest. Trex offers two levels of recognition. Gold and Platinum.

TrexPro® Platinum is the highest level of recognition available for an independent contractor. TrexPro Platinum contractors are the leading TrexPros in their markets, with demonstrated ability and expertise to design and build outdoor living projects with Trex, ranging from the simple to the most complex.

TrexPro® Gold contractors have achieved advanced product and installation training and make up a select group of talented and dedicated professionals experienced with using Trex products to craft the deck of your dreams.

Everyday we receive calls asking for our expert opinion on complicated building projects. Here at CFC wer pride ourselves as being the ONLY Platinum deck builder in Utah. Year after year we are constantly pushing the limits and creativity of Trex products. We are proud to be Utah largest supplier of Trex Seclusions fencing and Deck Installs.

Fence Installation Process

Not only does CFC Fences & Decks have materials available for do-it-yourselfers, but there is also an entire install team dedicated to fence and deck installations. Because fences and decks are such large home improvement projects, the goal of our installers is to make the process as easy as possible for the homeowners. Our installation crews have installed fences and decks all over Utah so we know what specific challenges face Utah residents. Make sure we discuss these challenges with you before we start building your fence or deck.

After a contract with a customer is signed, the install team sets up a tentative date to begin the project. As a general rule, fence projects require a few days between setting the posts and building the panels of the fence. This allows enough time for the concrete around the posts to set properly. This is how the install team schedules each project.

Once the project is scheduled, the estimator who bid the project meets with the install team to transfer all the details. The team will then order any special items, and put all the materials together for each specific job.

Then comes the day of the project. Each customer should be available the first morning of the project for an initial walk through. The crew reviews the layout of the fence and the customer will sign off stating the crew is ready to begin.

Occasionally questions or concerns come up, in which case, the Install Coordinator over the fence building project can help answer or arrange for special instructions to the crews.

If you have any questions about our installation process or how you can schedule a big please contact us here.

CFC Year in Review 2013

The year 2012 brought many exciting changes and growth opportunities for CFC Fences and Decks as well as breaking records and exceeding established goals for the year. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our fence, deck, and pergola installation and material sales customers for their support and help in attaining success over the last 23 years CFC Fences and Decks has been in business. We also would like to especially thank those customers who have helped us have an incredible year during 2012 and look forward to having another record breaking year in 2013. We are one of the leading fence contractors in the state and Trex Company’s only Trex Pro Platinum Deck Contractor.

As for the accomplishments of 2012, our installation side was met with many new growth opportunities as we added additional crews for fence, deck, AND pergola installations. CFC Fences and Decks had a record breaking 458 new installation customers during the 2012 year. While our fence installation crews stayed busier than ever with the installation of Trex composite, Fortress Iron, Simtek fauxrock, cedar, split rail, and lodge pole fences across the valley, it was really our deck and pergola installation crews who exceeded expectations and broke records for the company. We are excited to announce that for the first time in the history of CFC Fences and Decks, our deck and pergola installation crews completed over 100 projects during 2012. This is an incredible milestone for the entire company, but especially those employees and customers who have helped us attain such a goal—thank you all!

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