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Trex fencing has an innovative design that is popular with landscape architects.

Some of our recurring clients are landscape architects who are looking for innovative products that compliment property themes and designs.  Trex fencing is a natural solution for many of these projects because of its distinct design and low maintenance attributes. Not surprisingly, therefore, landscape architects select Trex fencing as a component of a design package. The added benefits of strength and durability make Trex an easy product to get behind when providing a proposal to a prospective client.

We’re done quite a bit of work for a Salt Lake City based landscape architect firm named Landform Design Group. Their designs often call for Trex fencing and we have done several jobs for them over the years. The principals at the firm have modern sensibilities and prefer to highlight the Winchester Grey color because it weathers to a distinct slate grey hue. We have had the fortune of seeing most of the properties after all of the project elements including fencing have been completed and the results are incredible considering how plain a property often looks before a redesign. Take a look at some of the projects in the company’s portfolio. Our Trex fence installations can be seen on the Froerer, Day, and Raybould projects.

Other Trex Items Available

Trex® Composite fencing is a very malleable material. We can offer many ancillary options to go with your project and will match your Trex® fence or Trex® deck or railing project.

We have in the past used Trex® Composite materials to build for customers raised flower bed and garden boxes that match their new Trex® Seclusions Composite Fence project.

We did a similar project to the raised garden boxes and flower beds where we used Trex® Composite material to build a sand box for a family. This raised box also surrounded the wooden play set/jungle gym for a play area for the family.

Another great idea to consider is using the Trex® Composite to build the large flower planters that are often placed at the corners of a garage. Again, these planter boxes would perfectly match your new Trex® Composite fence.

For your new Trex® Composite deck we have built in our shop a comfortable and very fashionable Trex® Adirondack chair for lounging and enjoying. A Trex® table could easily be included and placed between two Trex® Adirondack chairs on your front porch or back deck. Cleaning the chairs and table are very simple since they are made of the Trex® Composite material.

The list can literally go on and on from there. We have even built palm trees and birdhouses out of the Trex® Composite fencing and decking materials. Our shop has craftsmen who can build nearly anything one could imagine for their landscaping features or outdoor living area fixtures that will match their fence and/or deck using the Trex® Composite materials.

Display Trailer – Come see what’s inside!

CFC has constructed a trailer to display our products. This gives prospective customers an opportunity to review and compare all of our offerings in a single location. If you are going to the Spring Home & Garden Show in Sandy, stop by and come on in. We will also take the roving showroom to your home or other property to give you a close view of fencing and decking. Here are the products displayed:

  • Trex decking: All of the 14  colors in the three lines (Transcend/Transcend Tropical, Enhance, and Select)
  • Trex Transcend railing
  • Fortress Ornamental railing
  • Trex Elevations steel deck framing
  • SimTek fencing
  • Trex Seclusions fencing
  • Fortress Ornamental fencing
  • Canyon Winds cedar fencing
  • Dog Ear cedar fencing

The flooring is made out of Trex Transcend and displays a popular deck design to give you an idea not only of our creativity but the versatility of the product.

 CFC Home Show 2012 (1)  IMG_0132

We understand how important it is to you to see the products prior to purchasing them. Take advantage of the opportunity to see our decking, railing, and fencing options. Give us a call today to schedule a visit!

CFC Home Show 2012 (2)

2012-03-23 13.01.44_Orem_Utah_US

Highland Springs Condo Association Fencing

CFC Fences and Decks had the pleasure of working with the board members and ultimately the property manager of the gated community of Highland Springs Town homes. The community had an architecturally stunning perimeter with beautiful landscape and a well planned layout. This landscape was framed by river rock columns and a wood fence complete with a decorative colonnade extending above an offset panel, that was unfortunately at the end of its useful life.

While the board agreed that it was time to do something about the fencing along 4500 South like many associations there were varied opinions about repair or replacement, the type of fencing that might replace the existing, when it would be appropriate to change out, overall cost, and how new fencing would look against the remaining wood and ornamental metal fencing that was still sound.
This is when Sherry one of the board members tasked with exploring the above questions started gathering information and exploring options with Chad at CFC Fences and Decks. In discussing the purpose of the fencing at their community other concerns surfaced like improving the level of privacy, sound cancellation properties, eliminating costly maintenance, and how various products would perform if tagged with graffiti.
While CFC provided a wealth of information by phone, e-mail, and website links, Sherry also took the initiative to inspect a number of Trex Fencing Installations in the general area to determine if a composite fence would meet their needs.
After an onsite inspection Chad confirmed that although repairing the fence was possible it was a costly option to delay the inevitable step of complete replacement. After receiving preliminary installation estimates and color samples Sherry was thrilled to discover that the Trex Seclusions Woodland Brown fencing matched the existing wood fencing that would remain until phase two of their plan.

Once Sherry presented her findings and recommendations to the board an onsite meeting with the board and Chad at CFC was scheduled. This is when Stuart acting president at the time expressed: “I appreciate the time and effort you have already expended working with us on this project.” While they had received competitive estimates from other companies they felt very comfortable with the professionalism and product knowledge of CFC. The board also agreed that CFC was best suited to figure out the best way to duplicate a colonnade element with the Trex product.
After a final presentation to the Highland Springs Board and Heather at Property Management Systems Inc. they decided to move forward with the project.
CFC’s Design team prepared drawings for the custom colonnade, and Bill from Highland Springs coordinated with Property Management Systems to set up the project.
Ultimately CFC Fences and Decks went the extra mile to deliver a product and a service that met the needs of the Highland Springs community.

Large Pergola Installed in Highland

Recently a Highland, Utah customer requested to have CFC Fences & Decks build a massive 741 square foot pergola in their backyard covering the concrete patio.

This pergola includes 10×10 Douglas Fur support posts that permits the pergola to free stand off the ground 10’ 5” to the top of the post. The pergola stretches 38’ in width and reaches out from the house 19’ 5” to cover the extensive patio.  The beams are notched in 25 different spots to allow the rafters to rest nicely on top. Decorative corbels were added in between the support posts and beams to add a nice looking feature of a finesse design. Both the beams and rafters have Madison end cuts that add to the magnificent finished touch.

This was a particularly large project and both CFC and the homeowners are pleased with the final result.

Farr, Rich (Highland) Wood Pergola 10x10 posts, 6x12 beams, 4x12 joists; Madison cut, notched, corbels (5) Farr, Rich (Highland) Wood Pergola 10x10 posts, 6x12 beams, 4x12 joists; Madison cut, notched, corbels (mod) - Copy Farr, Rich (Highland) Wood Pergola 10x10 posts, 6x12 beams, 4x12 joists; Madison cut, notched, corbels (7) Farr, Rich (Highland) Wood Pergola 10x10 posts, 6x12 beams, 4x12 joists; Madison cut, notched, corbels (6)

Custom Style Fence Considerations

Things to Consider When Thinking About a Custom Style Fence:

There many options for a home owner to consider when opting for a custom style fence with a lattice top or a more open style of fence. Our website can help with the decision process if you go to our custom fence gallery.

  • If considering the Trex product there is an option to use a Trex baluster (that is typically used for deck railing) to install a semi private or open fence style. These styles of (open or semi private) fences can be done in a vertical look or a window pane look.
  • If you are considering a wood (cedar) fence that has an open look or is semi private, we a very pliable with lumber products – and use only cedar – and we can rip a slat to the dimension you choose or use a 2×2 (railing) baluster. Again look at our custom gallery on our website for ideas.
  • There a few add-on’s to a custom project that you may want to consider – A trellis, arbor (on the walk gates), or a colonnade. Just let our estimator know and they would be happy to price anything (that you may want) out for you.

There are many things that you need to consider when looking at a custom style fence (open or semi private), whether it’s Trex or cedar.

  • Custom style fences are tedious and time consuming to build. Will it fit into the budget I have for my fence project?
  • Do I want (need) privacy in certain areas of the project?
  • And most important what style am I looking for – and what kind of aesthetics am I looking for in my yard?

If you have a fence style in mind that you have seen on a website – please print a copy of that style, so we can bid the project properly – and also advise you properly. There are some styles of lattice that the box stores stock that are cheap – and therefore not very long lasting. CFC will advise you on the different product that are available, there costs, and there longevity. We have installed numerous custom fence projects, and understand the costs and what goes into the installation process to give you a good looking and long lasting product – that is bid properly.

Mow Strip Tip

When having a Trex Seclusions fence installed, many customers are also requesting a mow strip under their new Trex fence be included at an added cost. Typically this mow strip is approximately 5” wide and 4” deep. This mow strip is not only functional in keeping grass and weeds from growing directly under the fence making weed eating more cumbersome, it is also decorative and makes a cleaner look to the Trex fence.

After the Trex posts are set allow the concrete footers on each post to cure for at least 48 hours before framing up and pouring the mow strip. Once the footers are cured, frame for the mow strip to be poured. It is important to note that the mow strip should only go between the Trex post and not surround the post. Because Trex is a composite material it will still have expansion and contraction with heat/cold and other weather changes which is why the Trex post shouldn’t be completely surrounded by the mow strip. This will help prevent expansion from cracking the mow strip.

Wendy Carrigan Lattice Top Cedar Fence

This job is a special one. CFC is known for its custom work and we offer a variety of special features, even some that we don’t mention on our website. One of those features is lattice topped fencing. Lattice fences add depth and character to any fence without increasing your cost significantly. Lattice topped fences also have the best of both privacy fences and open air fences, keeping your yard open while still maintaining your privacy.

This project also included a large double gate with the lattice top and a single gate that included a small trellis to add even more depth to the homeowners’ yard.

For more information about lattice topped fences and trellis gates contact us.

Lattice Cedar Fence Double Gate Single Gate TrellisLattice Cedar Fence, Double Gate, Single Gate, TrellisLattice Cedar Fence, Double Gate, Single Gate, TrellisLattice Cedar Fence, Double Gate, Single Gate, Trellis

Custom Installations

CFC specializes in fences and decks, but along with that we also do a large amount of custom work. Customers call us asking if we can do a simple project, but with a slight twist. Our answer is always yes.

We can build any project of bring any idea you may have to life. Our estimators are dedicated to helping you come up with ideas and projects to add to your yard or landscaped area. If you can come up with an idea, we can help turn your idea into a reality.