Utah Fence Supply

One might think that a fence contractor is essentially a handyman that knows how to build a fence. The reality is different. Because it doesn’t take much to start a small contractor business, many jump at the opportunity to do so. A good contractor will take the time to develop professional techniques to ensure that, among other attributes,precision, longevity, attractiveness, safety, and quality are part of the products and services provided. We started out no differently. In the early years, CFC crews installed just a couple of projects per week with installers serving as our “sales force” between jobs. Most of our business came from word-of-mouth referrals and we maintained a relatively small profile.

Over the years, we recognized the opportunity to establish a more expansive approach to our services. We purchased our own lumber yard both to ensure we were able to get quality materials for the lowest prices possible and to provide materials to do-it-yourselfers and small contractors just like us. This gave us the opportunity to grow in ways that were limiting our peers.

One of the most important elements of our business it to find a balance between small business prices and “Mom and Pop” customer service, and an ambition that ensured growth and its accompanying business sophistication. For most customers, a picture a simple outfit with honest services and good skills is good enough, but that doesn’t tell the whole story behind the business. Knowing more about who is working for you is important.

Over the years we have seen many competitors come and go. We have seen some contractors that specialize in other services such as framing attempt to dabble in fencing as a side business. We have seen some contractors that were more focused on short term gains at the expense of customer service, quality, and occasionally honesty. We have seen many that have not managed their businesses well and leave customers and suppliers holding the bag (we know – many of them still owe us money!). But we’re different than that. Over the 20+ years we have built thousands of fences and we’ve used that experience to fine tune our business. Unfortunately, there are always bumps in the road, but we can say with pride that it matters to us that our customers are pleased with our work and we follow good practices that any successful business should. Again, there are good contractors out there – we simply strive to be better.

Even though we have very competitive prices and are usually the most affordable option, we appreciate that your project or materials purchase could represent quite a bit of money to you. The old maxim “you get what you pay for” is exactly right with us. You can be assured that CFC will provide you with the products and services you have paid for. We’ll work for you in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.